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Welcome to music4ya

As the name implies we are all about music. but  we have a   lot more on the site than music.  navigate to My Face   where you  will f ind our  Social  Network.  where  you  can  post  your pictures, start  a  blog,  form  your  own  groups,    Chat with your friends post on  the wall, upload videos and much ,much more.  Share your music,   pictures and thoughts with us . Rock and  Roll , Country ,  Gospel,  Funk ,   it's  all  here.   Songs   by  your f avorite singers as well as   great Original  music   but  we  lean   more to  the   Original  music side   as we try to   give  the Original   writers as much  exposure as possible.  Navigate to posts and you  will  find  pages where  you can upload your Audio,video and pictures. If you enjoy social interaction then music4ya was made for you. The world can always use a new song!